Welcome ad The Dash radio recordings page. You can looking to my archives. 🙂

Updates section:

Updates 04.01.2018 05:12

Main page(Updates section):
Added separators between updates informations about pages sections.

Updates 03.01.2019 13:16:

Main page:
Added Recommended pages.
Added updates section.
Removed duplicated links.

NDB subpage:
I added ID’s to the NDB’S eg. Poznan Krzesiny (NK).
I updated the names of recognized NDBs.

Numberstations recordings:
Slightly corrected grammar.
Added 2 new recordings to the list.

Informations about me

Velcome on the Dash radio recordings page.

My love to radio started when i have 2 years old.

I’m from city located 50 kilometers of Poznan.

I like cats, cats are soft and all peoples must know that and i like recordings ambiences etc.

To receiving interesting signals i’m using TecsunPL 660 receiver or SonyCFDS50 to DXing on FM.

Page is under construction.