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What’s number stations you can receive in Poland?

Warning: This article’s about only Voice number stations and 3 Russian digital transmissions. Receiving a morse number stations and other using for example FSK etc Was not described in this post because in 99 percent this transmissions not interesting me.

All resulds Was maded on Tecsun PL660 and telescope antenna mounted orginally in receiver.

In this post, i will write something about Number stations possible to receive in Poland.
My location is greater poland voivodeship but in last few years i visited Polish Mountains and sea.
You will definitely can receive E06, E07, X06, XPA and XPA2 from Russia.
X06 have wery strong signal in my Country, broadcasting in AM and can be received on almost each receivers.
To receive X06 you dont have must advanced radio EG. Tecsun.
You can find this six tones on the scale by using eg. small portable radio equipped with shortwave band.
To receive stations pasted below, you must have better receiver.
E06 and E07 have acceptable signal but it sometimes undulating in Poland.
XPA in 99 percent have good signal, good time to receive it is the Morning.
You can have problems with receive XPA2, because signal of this station it’s weaker.
I managed to receive it only two times in acceptable quality.
I never turned on my Tecsun during G06 transmissions because I was always late, but this station probably can be received because the broadcasting pover can be the same to E06 and 07 stations.
In some parts of my country, you can receive E11 and S06 stations.
E11 is from Poland, but i never heard readable message. I can only recognize the station voice. I received it only Two times in the last 2 years.
DJ Graco received E11 on he’s Tecsun S8880 in pomeranian voivodeship and me received it unreadable in West pomeranian voivodeship on my PL660 receiver.
Maybe you can receive more number stations in Poland? Who knows? 馃檪
Number stations in Poland receiving weak but you can find other interesting signals on SW band. Who know? Maybe i will write something about other signals later?
Below i publishing few recordings of received stations by me:

X06 on small portable radio. It’s possible

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Morning DX-es 05.07.2018

I launched my Tecsun PL 660, to see signals on SW but radio launched on FM.
Okay, i checked what’s on the band.
Ohyea! Tropo.
Few stations in log i last hear 5 or 6 years ago on FM with tropo.
If you want, you can listen few recorded station’s signals here.

Received stations List:
96,2, 1 or 0. Unid. Wery noised to hear ID. Maybe Opole from Kluczbork?
Why i thought that? Because stations in this tropo are from nearby locations.
98.4: Radio Katowice, RTCN Cz臋stochowa ‘Wr臋czyca’.
99.2: Radio 艁贸d藕, 艁贸d藕 Komin EC4.
100.2. Polskie radio Tr贸jka, RTCN Wroc艂aw ‘G.艢l臋偶a’.
100,6. Radio Jasna g贸ra /Wery Klir/, RTCN Cz臋stochowa ‘Wr臋czyca’
101.1. Eska Ostr贸w, Kalisz, SLR Kalisz ‘Che艂mce’.
101.8: Radio Elka Jarocin, no data about broadcaster.
102.3. Radio Wroc艂aw, RTCN Wroc艂aw ‘G.艢l臋偶a’.
103.1. Radio Koszalin lub Rodzina.
103.7. Maybe Muzo.fm?
104.9. Eska Wroc艂aw, RTCN Wroc艂aw ‘G.艢l臋偶a’.
105,9. RMFFM, RTCN Cz臋stochowa ‘Wr臋czyca’.
Up to 107,5 i hear 2 stations but it’s can not be identify because they were receiving very poorly.
Maybe if I switched on Tecsun earlier I would have received more signals?

Big tropo

It’s my first post on this blog!
In this day, when i looked to FM i saw tropo. I received a lot of stations from 艁贸d藕, Komin EC4 Transmitter and other stations from other locations.
Receiver: Tecsun PL 660.
City: Wrze艣nia in Greater poland.
I started scanning a few minutes before 5AM and stopped on 6.
List of received stations below:
88,7 Radio Maryja W膮growiec.
88,8 Maybe Radio 呕ak 艁贸d藕?
89,9 Dw贸jka?
90,1 Eska 艁贸d藕.
91,2 Unit.
91,4 Dw贸jka 艁贸d藕.
92,6 Melo radio.
94.1 Tr贸jka Zielona g贸ra.
95,8 RMF Max Radom.
98,5 Elka Leszno.
99,2 Radio 艁贸d藕.
100,4 Plus 艁贸d藕.
101,3 Z艂ote Przeboje Pabianice.
102,3 Radio Wroc艂aw!
103,8 Tr贸jka 艁贸d藕.
104,7 Dw贸jka.
107,6 Dw贸jka Nowy tomy艣l.
107,8 Program pierwszy 艁贸d藕.
And other stations. I’m not wroted all because few is standard in all tropos.
Thanks for reading and see you!