Radio beacons, NDB recorded by me.

On this page you can explore my all recordings of NDB’s.

NDB recordings:

Recordings sorted by date.
Unit 404KHZ Recorded on Web sdr University of twente
Unit 384KHZ 22.12.2017 received in Września
Poznań Krzesiny (NK) 489KHZ 22.12.2017 Received in Września
Inowroclaw(NRD) 445KHZ received in Forest nearby Wloclawek 27.05.2018
Bydgoszcz (BDG) 389KHZ Received in Torun27.05.2018
Powidz (…) 323KHZ received in Września 02.08.2018
Tomaszów Mazowiecki 488KHZ received in Skierniewice 26.01.2019
Poznań(Krzesiny) few kilometers from the transmitter 489KHZ 16.06.2019
Thanks to 9A5DSZ for morse decoding.
Thanks to Steffen from for help with identify Inowroclaw beacon.

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